What we do

AgYield assists producers in making well informed decisions to better manage revenue, market at profitable levels and not speculate on price.

How we do it

AgYield leverages our 45 years of industry experience with our revolutionary software program to give producers a detailed look of the past, present, and future of their operation’s profitability. AgYield takes the guesswork out of a marketing plan. By using farmers’ actual information AgYield is able to pinpoint risk areas in order to create, execute, and monitor strategies to mitigate the risk. Our goal is to produce consistent years of solid profits for our clients, while managing risk and revenue. We focus marketing plans around the same belief that has allowed us to successfully manage our farm since 1968. No matter what happens in the market you can never go wrong by selling your bushels at profitable levels.

Why it works

For years consultants have tried guessing on where market prices are going, that approach is inconsistent at best. AgYield doesn’t speculate on price, we allow producers to test strategies at all price and yield scenarios so they know how their bottom line will be affected before they ever make a final decision. Ultimately better decisions are made with consistency. AgYield provides farmers with the tools needed to take control and understand their marketing plan. By creating custom and unique marketing plans for every customer, our approach allows producers to do what is best for their operation.

Trading commodity futures and options involves substantial risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors.