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Dr. Chris Hurt

“We’re using AgYield as an opportunity for the students who have learned different risk management techniques to really test those out and to see what the implications are.”
Dr. Chris Hurt, Professor of Agricultural Economics- Purdue University

Dr. Mark Welch

“A tool like AgYield is a product that helps us identify and create a measure and an awareness of the kind of risk that we face.”
“AgYield enables you to do some “What-If” scenarios by layering on levels of crop insurance, cash marketing, hedging, grain storage, a whole variety of marketing tools by spreading things out. You can still get to a point at which you can identify what your net price is for that commodity, relative to your cost of production and that is key information.”
Dr. Mark Welch, Grain Marketing Economist- Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

Scott Friestad

“We look at AgYield for crop insurance decisions. We try to use crop insurance as a marketing tool as well, as long as we can see in AgYield were our risks are going to be and where our profits are going to be.”
“This team that put AgYield together is a very innovative team. They have very good understanding of marketing, options and all kinds of marketing strategies. They seem to have a handle on risk management and remember the importance of the profitability side of farming. They seem to have an understanding of it from a farmer’s point of view.”
Scott Friestad, Farmer, Friestad Farms- Morris IL

Jason VanLanduit

“Farming by nature is a high risk industry with many uncontrollable variables and “What If’s”. The AgYield risk management tool takes direct aim at the Commodity market “What If’s” against the farmer’s production cost and arms the farmer with insight and guidance to the income side of the profit formula.”
Jason VanLanduit- Lender Central Bank Illinois- Geneseo, IL

Jayme J. Ungs

“As a grain producer and a lender, AgYield is a great tool for us to analyze risk and marketing strategies. It also helps my customers understand marketing and risk management better.”
Jayme J. Ungs – Lender and Farmer, US Bank- Boone, IA

Kevin Kennedy

“Grain production and farm management has quickly evolved into a profession challenged with extreme volatility and unprecedented risk exposure. The AgYield program provides me with risk assessment and management strategies associated with establishing and executing a production plan for my farm.”
Kevin Kennedy- Farmer, Kennedy Farms- Walnut, IL

**Testimonials are not indicative of future performance or success**

AgYield Mobile App

– Manage your account on the go

– Get real time updates  on where you stand at any given time

– Get push notifications when you have important decisions to make

– Stay connected with your dedicated AgYield Account Executive

– App is available for iOS, Android, and Google Play platforms

**Trading commodity futures and options involves substantial risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors**

AgYield Simulator

For Universities: In the Classroom

The AgYield Simulator is an educational tool that simulates an entire growing season. Students test production and marketing decisions based on commodity prices, USDA reports, weather and other variables that affect marketing decisions. As the administrator, the professor can set the parameters (number of acres, crops, expenses, etc).  Students can learn to manage their operations in the face of constant changing variables. The administrator can monitor student activity, track their standings and use AgYield as a barometer of how students are grasping the concepts of risk management. The simulation will teach participants how to successfully manage their farm’s revenue by utilizing all of the tools available including crop insurance, cash grain contracts, and futures and options contracts.

For Farmers

The AgYield simulator allows users to test their marketing approach through simulated growing seasons. This tool enables users to test production and marketing decisions based on commodity prices, USDA reports, weather and other variables that affect marketing decisions. The simulation helps growers understand all tools available to them to help create a stronger marketing plan.


With AgYield’s Risk Advisory Program, clients will receive customized advice unique to each of their individual circumstances. The Risk Advisory Program utilizes the AgYield Revenue Manager software program, along with Athena. Athena will provide tailored recommendations to the Company’s clients. Clients will not be obligated to act on any recommendations. The Company currently does not make any trades on behalf of its clients.

AgYield offers the Performance Pricing Program to clients to assist them with managing commodity price risks principally associated with their agricultural production. The Performance Pricing Program, is also referred to as Managed Bushel Program (MBP). These programs allow producers to utilize AgYield’s consulting expertise and experience without the need for a futures and options trading account. Please contact us for availability and more information regarding these programs.

Revenue Manager

AgYield Web is an innovative web-based, software program. Users are able to track daily gains and losses, test performance, value operating costs and easily identify any holes in their marketing plan in order to protect their bottom line. Access your account from anywhere, anytime on our secure website. With user permission, the software can be shared with a broker, crop insurance agent or banker, allowing them to see the financial health of the producer at any time. AgYield is private and secure, only you decide who can see or use your information.

Using User’s Actual Information, AgYield can: