Managed Bushel Program

AgYield Managed Bushel Program

AgYield’s foundation is rooted from over 50 years in the commodity industry and offers a new approach to farm revenue management.


MBP is a great opportunity for growers to utilize the expertise of AgYield’s consulting team and power of the Athena software to manage and price their production throughout the marketing year.
Choose from programs managed by grain marketing strategists, the Athena algorithm, or both.
Athena is a state-of-the-art algorithm created by AgYield and exclusive to the AgYield platform. Athena constantly assesses changing market conditions to adapt strategies and satisfy specific marketing needs.

Benefits of AgYield MBP

• Take the emotion of our marketing
• Enroll up to half of production into the program
• No futures account or margin calls
• No up-front costs
• Take advantage of carry with ability to roll contracts
• Optimized pricing and deferred payment options
• Maintain basis negotiation with delivery location
• Get a version of AgYield software so you can track performance
• Receive reports of performance for each program you are enrolled
• Seamlessly share account updates with lender and other agents
• Discount for AgYield pro plans upon enrollment

How Enrollment Works

• Select an MBP Program
• Contact AgYield and speak to an advisor to see what programs are currently available and the enrollment deadlines.
• Enroll Bushels
• Fill out the Managed Bushel Program enrollment forms. Meet with an AgYield advisor to review pricing windows, costs and terms. OR Call AgYield to sign up over the phone and virtually receive contracts to your email through DocuSign.
• Deliver Grain When time for delivery, an AgYield advisor will help you set your basis and choose the best delivery location.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many bushels can I enroll?
• Up to 50% of APH
What is the minimum quantity required?
• 5,000 bushels
Do I need and AgYield account to participate in MBP?
• AgYield Pro account is not required for MBP enrollment.
Where do I sign up for MBP?
• Work with and AgYield rep or call 866-588-1268
Where can I see my MBP status?
• Users will receive an account login that tracks their status and daily performance.
Who sets the basis for my grain sales?
• The grower decides when to set the basis and does so through the AgYield team
Does MBP offer Min/Max contracts?
• Yes, speak with and AgYield strategist for more details.