AgYield Revenue Manager

The Revenue Manager is an innovative web-based software program. Users are able to track daily gains and losses, test performance, value operating costs and identify any holes in their marketing plan in order to protect their bottom line. Trading commodity futures and options involves substantial risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors.

Account Summary

Monitor the revenue of your operations with the snapshot summary of your marketing activity, value of unsold crops, value of hedged positions, value of insured bushels as well as production costs. Drill down to the individual transaction or to the individual field. AgYield’s account summary enables growers to view the financial health of their whole operation.

account summary


Profitability Outlook

Identify any potential weakness in your marketing plan. AgYield’s Profitability Outlook allows users to know where their profitability stands at all price and yield scenarios. In this section users can create and test different strategies to minimize any risk areas. With the What If Calculator, producers can see how any marketing decision will affect their farm before they ever make a final decision. Users can enter cash sales, futures and options contracts and instantly see how these transactions will affect their outlook. Furthermore, producers can enter in various crop insurance plans to see which one is best for their farm.

Hedges Snapshot

A visual tool to help monitor your production and percent sold versus insurance and hedge positions. Ensure you are marketing all of your guaranteed bushels and know what percent of your expected production is not hedged.

hedges snap


Performance Chart

Compare your profitability history versus market performance. See how your marketing decisions impact your operation over time, using AgYield’s innovative revenue management software.


Athena allows the farmer to define their revenue goals, risk parameters and capital constraints in order to create their ideal marketing plan. This allows growers to take a proactive approach to managing their farm’s risk. Athena searches trillions of combinations to find efficient solutions. Athena will constantly assess changing market conditions and adapt strategies to satisfy farm marketing goals. Athena is the first implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the grain marketing arena. It will be a grower’s equalizer in the electronic marketplace providing a constant and unbiased guardian for their profitability.


Cash Sales

Manage and keep track of all of your cash sales with AgYield’s easy to use format. Know the current value of your unsold bushels based on your local delivery market or current futures prices.

Futures and Options

AgYield can automatically pull your futures and options positions from any broker, or you can enter them manually to get a real-time look at your positions.

futures and options



AgYield generated reports can be used to show bankers and other vendors where your operation stands and projections for revenue.


Crop insurance is a major component of a marketing plan. AgYield helps you choose the policies that are best for your operation and understand your protection levels. AgYield gives you real-time projections of your indemnity payments, so you, as the farm owner or manager, always know where you stand.


**Trading commodity futures and options involves substantial risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors**