The AgYield Simulator gives users the ability to test their grain marketing skills in a competitive environment over the course of a simulated growing season. A simulated growing season is broken down into 36 periods from March 1st to November 7th with each period representing one week. Users test production and marketing decisions based on commodity prices, USDA reports, weather and other variables within the game. The game administrator can set the parameters (number of acres, crops, expenses, etc). The game administrator also controls how often the game progresses to the next period. Players can learn to manage their operations in the face of constant changing variables. The simulation will teach participants how to successfully manage their revenue by utilizing all of the tools available including crop insurance, cash grain contracts, and futures and options contracts.

Getting Started – Navigating through the Simulator

Login to the AgYield Simulator at:

Game Lobby

Upon logging into the AgYield Simulator, you will be taken to the Game Lobby. In this section you must select which game you want to view.In the Game Lobby you can view all active and upcoming games that you have been invited to join. When logged into a particular game, you can get back to the Game Lobby by clicking your name on the top right of the page.

Dashboard Tab

Upon clicking the Dashboard tab on the top left you can monitor your current profitability,
crop prices, yield estimates, player rankings, and the event calendar. By clicking on the icon next to the current futures price, you can see a historical market price chart. In the Event calendar, you can see which period of the game is activated and the current, as well as the previous reports that are accessible. Click on the trophy icon to view game ranking for previous periods. You can also bring back the pop-up for each period by clicking the date located on bottom right of each box.

Performance Tab

In the performance section you can see more detail on your current profitability. Here you can view your account summary, hedges snapshot, performance chart, profitability outlook, and weather.

Account Summary

– In the account summary, You are able to see where you currently stand. You can monitor the profitability of your account with the snapshot summary of your marketing activity. See the value of unsold crops, value of hedged positions, estimated indemnity payments for your crop insurance, as well as production costs.

Hedges Snapshot

– This section is a visual tool to help monitor your production and percent sold versus insurance and hedge positions. Ensure you are marketing all of your guaranteed bushels and know what percent of your expected production is not hedged.

Performance Chart

– Here you can compare your profitability history versus the market performance. See how your marketing decisions impact your profitability over time.

Probability Outlook

– The Profitability Outlook allows you to know where your profitability stands at all price and yield scenarios. In this section, you can create and test different strategies to minimize risk areas. With the What-If Calculator, you can see how any marketing decision will affect the operation before you ever make a final decision. Enter hypothetical cash sales, futures and options contracts, as well as crop insurance policies and instantly see how these transactions would affect your profitability.


– This section gives you a weather forecast for the upcoming week, as well as a summary of what happened the previous week.

Management Tab

In the management section you can add transactions and crop insurance. To add a transaction, click on the “ADD TRANSACTION” button on the top right, then select the type of transaction you would like to add. The price of all transactions is set based on the current price for the period. Transactions become final once the game is progressed to the next period.
In the crop insurance section you are able to add any available policies. All policies must be entered before the 4th period begins.

Resources Tab

The resources section is filled with educational material. Here you will find information on key topics that relate to grain marketing. In this section you will also find the Simulator instructional video, as well as commonly used marketing strategies to help you get started.

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