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We are proud to introduce our newest product. Athena allows the farmer to define their revenue goals, risk parameters and capital constraints in order to create their ideal marketing plan. This allows growers to take a proactive approach to managing their farm’s risk and profitability. Athena searches trillions of combinations to find efficient solutions. Athena will constantly assess changing market conditions and adapt strategies to satisfy farm marketing goals.

Justin Kelly, President of AgYield and architect of Athena had this to say, “With change in the dynamics and volatility of our commodity markets, we needed to create a new technology to help producers compete and thrive in this new reality. The Athena algorithm allows an individual producer to identify their goals, risk tolerance levels and incorporates their operations’ unique cost structure, local delivery markets to create and monitor marketing plans. Producers can now utilize customized technology for their farms’ strategic approach.”

Athena is the first implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the grain marketing arena. It will be a grower’s equalizer in the electronic marketplace providing a constant and unbiased guardian for their profitability.


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Your AgYield consultants will help you configure your Athena settings.


• Minimum Return (floor)

• Upside potential


• Conservative vs. Aggressive

• Marginable or Non-Marginable strategies

• Set maximum futures/options loss

• Maximum amount of cash grain sold

– Once setup, Athena will use these settings to find strategies that fit within your specific needs and goals.

– If a strategy cannot be found Athena will continually monitor your account and alert you once a strategy is found.

– Athena is synced to your AgYield account and will adapt to all updates and changing market conditions.

For more information contact AgYield at 855-266-6241 or email info@agyield.com.

**Trading commodity futures and options involves substantial risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors**

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