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Revenue Manager

AgYield Web is an innovative web-based, software program. Users are able to track daily gains and losses, test performance, value operating costs and easily identify any holes in their marketing plan in order to protect their bottom line. Access your account from anywhere, anytime on our secure website. With user permission, the software can be shared with a broker, crop insurance agent or banker, allowing them to see the financial health of the producer at any time. AgYield is private and secure, only you decide who can see or use your information.

Using User’s Actual Information, AgYield can:

  • Give real time snapshots of users marketing record and the size of any potential margin calls in volatile markets
  • Easily avoid having to wait to sell grain off the combine and take whatever the prevailing price might be at the time
  • Look at current revenues on a daily basis and map out a future marketing plan based on several scenarios; including price, yield and crop insurance.
  • See Real-time profits or losses based on forward sales, HTAs and expected crop insurance coverage.
  • Receive a live cash bid feed from local elevators.
  • Forecast what minimum profitability will be for the year based on different hedging strategies
  • Allow a broker to suggest a marketing plan based on user’s crop insurance, expected yield, futures and options
  • Use live and historical near-by elevator quotes to manage HTA and basis contracts
  • Automatically generate financial statements and historical data on operations
  • Use crop insurance as a powerful marketing tool to realize its true revenue potential.
  • Provide your lender with a better understanding of your marketing plan with automatically generated performance reports and historical data on your operations.
  • Find the right combination of cash sales, futures/options and crop insurance to create the best strategy for you.
  • Use marketing history reports to streamline your loan approval, to get financing or to support the eligibility of an insurance claim.