Why AgYield?

The American farmer has done an outstanding job at growing their crops. In fact no one in the world does a more efficient job! However there is a disconnect that exists from growing the crops to actually capitalizing on the revenue potential. AgYield is the most efficient agriculture row crop service that has ever been available. Never before has the farmer had these tools at their disposal in such an easy to use format. Whether you are an independent farmer, land management company, or commercial entity the growing field has been leveled. Other products focus on the cost of production which is essential but that is only a small portion of a true revenue management platform. Knowing your cost of production and not being able to see different variables that will assist in a marketing plan falls far short of what the farmer expects. The farmer works too hard in the field to let any revenue opportunities go unnoticed. Without AgYield you’re at a disadvantage and don’t even know it. Understanding which type of crop insurance policy you have and why you have it is a start, but the ability to lock in the revenue from those policies is often overlooked or not understood. AgYield is impartial to which vendors you use but it may change your mind on how you use your vendors and how much you pay for their services.